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weak recon mode detection / weak clent AP detection. /weak signal issue


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Hi folks, I tried out my MARK 5 with firmware 2.2, today. I did noting serious, I via ethernet cable setup the device, and then did only one ting go into recon mode . Ok!, here is the problem, I have 3 wireless devices in my house,1.an Apple wif router ,2.Apple TV and 3. iphone 4. Macbook. Moreover I live in an average size home that's not too big, all devices are max 15 foot steps away.

Using Kali Linux, an Alfa USB wifi dongle, I see all devices clearly listed as attached to the wif router (AP).

But, when using Pinapple wifi router, I can only see the Macbook, and its attached by wifi cable to the Pineapple !

WTF ! HOw can I fi this issue?

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Hi there, yes I did have AP and clients selected, and continuous somtiemes (but continuous did not help sometimes, as some of the clients that it found sometimes disappeared after finding it due to rescan) .

My question is this, how do the other users find the range and quality of it?

PS : Tomorrow, I am going to get a male/female connector, or male male /femalefemale connector and connect teh antenna from my ALFA USB/wifi dongle.

Hopefully the longer antenna will help.

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It doesn't seem like the antenna would be the problem(unless your unit is defective) I have no problem picking up clients farther than 15 feet with the pineapples antennas. Maybe try reflashing the firmware and try again. It's hard to say what is causing your issue without more info.

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I did re-flash firmware. It seems, that with Kali/ALFA USB dongle, the AP and clients are picked up much more easily.

Also on another note, whenver pineapple, pick up clients, in AP/client mode+continuous scanning, the clients appear, then disappear. Is there a way to keep the clients that it detects listed all the time?

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