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Wide Area WiFi


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So I have a buddy that works at a ranch their internet, from what I understand they pay for 3 separate internet accounts each modem plugs in to a router in a region of the ranch giving it some WiFi. Now on top of their main office is a massive antenna (di-pole) on the roof with a SMA connection. They've had a few people come out and look at it and while they can plug it in to a router they don't seem to get anything out from it. Their goal is to have internet come in, plug into a router to create WiFi that will span about 100 yards one direction and about 400 yards in the other direction.

My thought was to have a router/AP from the main location connect to two directional antenna one pointing one direction the other pointing another direction. sending and receiving data from a router/AP based at either location. The AP at either location would have one antenna for the long distance send and receive and the other to provide coverage for that area. I saw the guide online that stated that for point to point access on the 2.4GHz band you could removed DBm from the router and add to the gain (DBi) on the antenna essentially giving you up to 60 watts of power.

This all started because I fixed the router at my buddies house (garage and shop) and connected a range extender to boot the signal inside his house. His theory is "oh hey your a computer guy... fix it".

Any thoughts?

I've got to do this for as cheap as possible, so how should I go about this?

First post, sorry if this seems noob-ish. I was technologically awesome until I found this place and realized I wasn't.

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So I would with that setup need 4 of those NanoStation M2's... 2 for the main office (one pointing either direction) and then one at either secondary location to send/receive to and from the main office. At the main office I would have the ISP come in and connect via via RJ-45 to a router that router would broadcast WiFi around the office. Out form the Router via RJ 45 I would have two Cat5e running one to either NanoStation. At the secondary locations I would have a Nanostation catching signal from the office, connecting to a router via RJ 45 which would then broadcast WiFi around the secondary locations.

Just making sure I am understanding all of this.

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Ok it will have to be a wireless switch or I am guessing an AP at the remote locations. Ideally when a user walks around they should see a single SSID much like how the aforementioned range extender from my OP. (just thought I ought to put that out there).

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Oh, I see. You'd use the APs I linked, for the bridge, then at the remote sites you attach a switch to the bridge and standard APs to the switch. Their unifi ap and ap pro models have awesome range. The two I have in my house cover pretty much my whole 3 acre property.

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Well this project got more difficult. I actually got to go out to the ranch and see the issue. They are currently paying for 6 DSL drops in different locations totaling some $600 and they are so far away form the DSLAM that they only get 1Mbps down. (As the ISP grows and continues to expand there fiber initiative that will change.) This is a 300 acre ranch mostly covered in thick 30ft- 40ft tall oak and cedar. The ideal solution would be a tower in the center of the required coverage area that could output WiFi in a 2000ft radius. Aside from the foliage, about 100ft off to one side of the area the tower would be is a cliff with a 30ft drop at the base of which is another building that needed to be covered by said Wifi. That tower would have to be some 200ft tall and even then... holy smokes...

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