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Ned some helpWindows 8.1 Dutch edition

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First of all I would like to compliment all the ppl working on the Rubber Ducky, and ofcourse all the ppl writing scripts, etc.

Finally I got my Rubber Ducky delivered in Holland. I've got two laptops here. One running Kali Linux, and the other one Windows 8.1 Dutch edition.

Tried already some scripts, and ran against some troubles. Windows got pre installed in Dutch. So some of the script doesn't run quite well.

Like for example. I had to change the ALT y command for bypassing the UAC in ALT j, because of the Ja/Nee prompt. However it doesnt really bypass the UAC. Not even when I replaced it with:





Does someone know more about this? Or maybe there are even ppl from Holland here, who can help me out with a script.

Another problem I found was that not all the scripts run properly in Windows 8.1 Sometimes the search window on the right pops up and just start going to internet.

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