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konboot 2.4 doesn't work


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Dear users,
I am a new user of this forum. I would like to explain you my problem to have your suggestions and your hints to solve iot.
I have tried to use the program Kon-boot 2.4 installed to USB stick to bypass the login Windows password of a notebook Dell Alienware 17 with Windows 8.1 64 bit, but it doesn't work. What happens is that the program starts normally, but when the loading process reach the screen with the following :

>>KON-BOOT ver. 2.4 – ready! 32-64 bit
>>Checking SMAP BIOS entries…
>>Dummy BIOS detected, trying to fix SMAP entries.

>>Booting up ! -EOT
it blocks and doesn't go on even if I wait for a long time (it is blocked always on this screen).
I have tried to launch the program either in UEFI and legacy bios modality always with the option "secure boot" disabled but nothing change.
The program works correctly with a notebook Hp with Windows 7 32 bit and in this case I'm able to bypass the login password.
What is the problem with the other computer configuration? If there is, can you suggest to me what I have to do in order to fix the problem and be able to bypass the password of the mentioned notebook.
Thank you very much for the help and the suggestions. I appreciate.
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If installed with UEFI, you need to boot in UEFI mode since the OS looks for this. Otherwise, you need to disable UEFI, and re-write the boot loader with something like Grub to get it up and running.

For UEFI, you need the EFI files though and modify your KonBoot setup probably though:


If its a domain logon only, then not sure, but you should still be able to get a local system administrator account either way, but won't have access to the domain its on(although might be cached credentials..hmm, anyone else chime in here, does windows still store them like they did with XP in the registry for Win 8?).

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