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Remote Drone Droid-Ap Possible?


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I was thinking back to the hacked drone episode where Darren forced snubs drone to the ground by using a dDos on the signal.

So, last night that had me thinking about the other episodes that display the carrying of cellphones to record video and take aerial pictures..

Is there an Android-Ap or Cellular-Ap for controlling the droid through tethering the phone directly into the drone so that you can actually view the cellphone's camera while flying from inside your house while using the data plan and internal gps of the phone and camera?

I figured since they have blu-tooth controls for these drones, tethering might be the next step and wouldn't take much hardware modification to do so.

Any ideas or thoughts?

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Hi Ximal,

I am not sure, but I believe that the drone episode where Darren forced snubs drone to the ground was actually done via telnet rather than DDOS. I also don't believe that there is any such tethering app. However drones frequently do use GPS on the flight controller board and use an FPV system for video.

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