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Which USB GPS receivers work with Pineapple M V


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I have two GPS dongles that I currently use, the first is an old Pharos iGPS-500. The second is a Globalsat BU-353


The globalsat is much quicker at getting a 3D fix and it comes with a magnet mount built in as well as adhesive.

Both use Prolific pl2303 usb to serial drivers that are already installed on the pineapple. If its not installed on yours, run the command "opkg install kmod-usb-serial-pl2303"

you will need to edit the /etc/kismet/kismet.conf file to allow kismet to listen to your GPS.

Add or edit the lines:




Unless you have other USB devices hooked up, it should always be ttyUSB0.

I also suggest changing the writeinterval=XX to something shorter than 300. If you're like me and use a battery, when the battery dies, you'll potentially loose your last 300 seconds of captures. I have mine set to 20 seconds and it seems to work fine.

Hope this helps :)

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