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Reverse shell not working


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Hi all,

I received my USB Rubber Ducky it is some month ago. Now, I have the time to test it.

The first test I made was putting it in a Windows machine and I got the "Hello world". :-)

I would like to demonstrate the danger from bad USB and for that I tried a reverse shell as this:

With the payload generator from http://ducktoolkit-411.rhcloud.com/Home.jsp I generated a inject.bin with the IP and the listener port from my Kali machine and the keyboard layout from my target (Belgian keyboard). Delay 3000.

On the Kali box I started the listener.

On a Windows 7 Home Premium (SP1) with the Belgian keyboard on it, I putted the USB Rubber Ducky in and wait. After some seconds there were some screens (cmd, notepad with input, ...) but then nothing ... Nor on the W7 nor on the Kali.

The W7 is not a realy quick machine but it seems to me that the response time was enough.

Does anybody has an idea what mistake I did or what's wrong? How could I debug the situation?

Thank you in advance for each help!

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My advice would be not to run code that you don't understand from a proprietary site! :)

Debug by using your own script that does what you require and the port that to the duck.

If you do want to debug: The duck is just a "dumb" keyboard that executes keystrokes. You have the generated script, so run it line by line manually and then work out what instruction causes it to fail.

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