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Problems with MicroSD card


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I just want to thow this out there for anyone else that might run into this. Perhaps it will save you some agrivation.

My pinapple uses a 32GB Class 10 MicroSD card that I bought last year. This morning I got around to upgrading to the latest firmware release and also updated several infusions (on the SD card). Things were going well until I rebooted. Then everything that was on the SD card reverted (infussions out of date again, files missing, etc.). I ran through a series of tests, and it turns out that I can no longer write to the MicroSD card.

I can create a file "touch /sd/AAA" and it's there. I unmout, remove and re-insert the card and the file is gone. I even tried reformatting it. And I verified it in another system.

Needless to say I have a new card on the way. But if anyone else notices that changes (to sd loaded infusions) don't survive a reboot, see if your MicroSD card has died prematurely.

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