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Change Regulation Domain "US"


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I'm living in europe and have recently purchased a WiFi Pineapple Mark V and flashed with the new 2.1.1 firmware. I also have watched some videos of the Hak5 shows where Darren talks about Wifi Reguation Domains and how to change them:

Living in country where channel 12 and 13 are legal to use, I would like to change the config on my pineapple to an european domain. Moreover I could being me overlook AP's and other stuff on those channels. I also find out that

iw reg set XX

would only work until reboot (not persist).

I'm aware that I can do this with the dip-switch configs. But I would like to know if I can do a config change somewhere to have it as default. I suspect it is possible because of the dmesg output that first set a 'no country config and later set the 'US' one.

Can someone help out?


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