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  1. Hi, I've a Mark V with firmware 2.1.1 running. I was trying to create the ExampleInfusion from the wiki, but the API used seem to be outdated. When looking in the changelog, I've seen that some changes have been made in the API and are refering to http://wiki2.wifipineapple.com/#!api.md (2.0.4) and http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php?title=Webinterface_API (2.0.0). Both URL's seem to be incorrect (404 error reply). I've seen the http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/?#!api.md, but this one seem to be incomplete (looking in other infusions using other functions). Can someone tell me where I can find the documentation for API 2.1.1 and maybe also fix the URL's and examples? Blackcap
  2. Hi, I'm living in europe and have recently purchased a WiFi Pineapple Mark V and flashed with the new 2.1.1 firmware. I also have watched some videos of the Hak5 shows where Darren talks about Wifi Reguation Domains and how to change them: Hak5 1515 – Legally build a 60 Watt WiFi Link – 2.4 GHz and EIRP Hak5 1122 – WiFi Hacking Workshop Living in country where channel 12 and 13 are legal to use, I would like to change the config on my pineapple to an european domain. Moreover I could being me overlook AP's and other stuff on those channels. I also find out that iw reg set XX would only work until reboot (not persist). I'm aware that I can do this with the dip-switch configs. But I would like to know if I can do a config change somewhere to have it as default. I suspect it is possible because of the dmesg output that first set a 'no country config and later set the 'US' one. Can someone help out? Thx
  3. Hi, I've signed up to be notified, but would like to know in what time range we can espect to get noted. Just weeks, months or years :-) will do for me. Thx
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