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Back to basics - Get Clients to connect to Pineapple


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I have had my Pineapple for some time, but one thing I constantly have an issue with, is trying to get clients to connect to the Pineapple using Karma/deauth attack. I still haven't got my head round the new PineAP suite yet so am concentrating on the deauth feature. I just cant seem to get a consistent result using deauth - The Deauth infusion just simply dosnt work, but SSH'ing into the Pineapple and using the mdk3 command has much better results.

Although using the mdk3 command is better, im still having inconsistencies in the results. Either it doesn't work, or I can see it trying to deauth the clients, but it just reconnects back to its original AP and then does nothing.

I have used different routers in my test environment (Zyxel, BT HomeHub and Netgear), all with same results. Im clearly doing something wrong.

Does anyone have a real life scenario and detail what they do to achieve this. Does anyone have a step by step guide in what YOU do to achieving clients to connect to YOUR Pineapple!?

Thanks Guys.

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