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SSLStrip connected to router


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Hey guys, I'm looking into buying a Mark V and I wanted to do some testing on my home network. I was wondering if I were to connect my Mark V to my main router via ethernet and connect to another router I have where victim computer will connect via wifi would sslstrip work. All of the videos I have seen shows the victim computer connecting directly to the Mark V access point and sharing the internet connection that way.

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Like any tool designed for man-in-the-middle usage, sslstrip will only work if your victim's traffic is going through (in this case) the Pineapple, whatever method you may choose to make that happen. The client doesn't technically have to connect to the Pineapple's access point if you're using a different man in the middle technique, such as ARP Cache Poisoning. Having the victim connect directly to the Pineapple is kind of the point though, and it is the best way. Since it's your home network, why can't you just connect the client to the Pineapple?

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on this note, i have not been able to be successful at arp cache poisoning on the pineapple, used ettercap, but doesnt seem to work as planned.. would you mind ( if you could ) share some insight on how to with the pineapple? through the client mode connected network of course :)

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