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Slight Problem What Can I Do?


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I jut set up my pineapple mark v, And i checked for updates on the interface and i started updating my pineapple, Then after around 5 mins i refreshed the browser and it didnt connect to the pineapple. I checked my networks to see if it was still on, But there was nothing there. My pineapple had the green light on and the blue one was flashing.

I left it for 10 more mins but nothing happened, So i unplugged it and re pluged it in. But still the same thing happens although the red led will come on and then go away. I have looked around for the sd card that it came with to re install it, But i cant find it anywhere

Is there a fix for this? and if i purchased a another sd card and put the factory-1.2.0.bin on it will it re stall and be fixed?

Please let me know

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