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MKV enable Wlan1


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Hey Guys,

i've got a huge problem: Just recently i ordered a brand new pineapple mkv, which is an awesome device. But after I had installed wifi manager I couldn't reenable the wlan1 interface. When I click on enable it just stays red and says disabled. I tried to reset the pineapple over the configuration tab, I sshed into it and tried ifup wlan1. But that all didn't help at all. I think it's a software problem, bacause the interface just worked fine as I got the pineapple in the mail. Maybe I've to reflash the hole firmware, but I don't know how to do this.

Thanks for your help


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First thanks for your fast answer

I'm not really shure what you are meaning. But what's your suggestion, how do I turn of PineAP

By the way in the temp directory I found 2 karma log files:

the first file, karma-phy0.log contains the proberequests. It has about 1300 lines

The second file is called, karma-phy1.log it contains:

Configuration file: /var/run/hostapd-phy1.conf
nl80211: Failed to set interface wlan1 into AP mode
nl80211 driver initialization failed.

After I saw that I looked for the conf file but it didn't exist, but for the phy0 interface there was a file and also a directory in /var/run which contained an executable file called wlan0

but there was none for the wlan1 interface

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