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openwrt on netgear wndr3800ch


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hey guys i hope someone can help me i just installed openwrt on this wndr3800 router and apperantly it does not have a web gui

but it connects to the laptop just fine i havent connected it to the network yet thats my next step i dont see a wireless ssid but i can ping

it ifconfig show an ip address of i am recieving ping replies i even tried using putty to ssh into it but it says connection refused

and even if it was succesful im still not sure it would it would work because i dont know openwrt login creds it doesnt seem to be bricked

if anyone knows anything about this PLEASE HELP ! tell me what im doing wrong or if i need to explain in further details just let me know

as always thanks guys ...

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nevermind guys i figured it out i actually feel pretty stupid the ip aadress i seen was the ip the router assined my computer it was defualt and all i had to do was

telnet in "putty" and use passwd command to set a password now everything is happy i feel stupid but i guess thats why we have forums

thanks just the same guys i wouldnt know what to do without you all

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