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is there a good place to get cheap raspberry pi with xbmc


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here's my story, i am in canada and it seems everything costs double here because of shipping, duties and taxes.

i am very poor and trying to find a place where i can get 4 raspberry pi's with xbmc for Christmas gifts for my family. id like to get one for my brother and his family, sister and her family, one for my mother and i and one for my fathers room. he is sick and dying from cancer hence the reason i am poor, i gave up everything to move in with my parents and help take care of my father, he wont live much longer and id like to at least give him something to watch, we dont have cable, and are loosing the phone and internet soon as well. he needs 24/7 supervision and my mother has a full time job as a RN, id rather her keep her job then quit a couple years before she gets to retire, and thus i can not get a job yet. and the fund raiser i started for him hasnt done anything in 3 months.

anyway i am not looking for free, or sympathy or anything, just want to get a few gifts for the one's i love and even if i can only find one raspberry pi with xbmc for my dad that would be worth while. i have looked online for them and all i seem to find is "not available in your area" or "sold out" or some ridiculously over priced setup that ships from some where over sea's.

just really want a decently affordable priced unit that will make a sick dying man happy.

p.s it is not practical for me to set it up on a computer or laptop as he can not get out of bed to even use the bathroom, or feed himself or pretty much anything else.

(i do make a bit of money selling organic hot peppers, pepper powder and hot raspberry jam, but its few and far between)

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