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So i have a new project, it's kinda just a framework right now but its to help plot out GPS datas so those numbers you get actually have some meaning. A while back kismet had a plotting software that came with the package, but I think they stopped updating it and it eventually stopped working with kismet if I recall correctly. You can use my software to plot data, or if you modify the code slightly, you can even analyze the data before you plot it. I'm hoping to use this framework for other projects, but I thought I'd share it now as it is.


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I'm not that familiar with www.wigle.net, but it looks like there are a few parts that are similar. However, my program is designed to be run on a server, from which clients would connect to to do their processing. It looks like with wiggle.net, you only have control over the clients if I'm not mistaken. I don't know who or where wigle.net is run by, but it's kinda nice being in control of your own data. If you control the server and the software, it's less of a privacy problem. Also, my program is not just for wifi data, but can be used to plot any locational data. It could be used to plot GSM data, or just GPS data. Right now, to plot data, it takes a csv file with just:




I plan on using this with other projects so that extra data can be loaded and analyzed, like GPS altitude, GPS accuracy, signal strength, air temperature, whatever, etc.

It pulls the map tiles through the server to deliver the pictures to the client. I had initially cached the map tiles for faster loading, but then found out that it was a violation for ToS, so I changed the program so it doesn't cache any files.

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