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Inject HTML/JS for specific user (mac address) and specific page.


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hi all,

finally got my PAmarkV yesterday..

started to play and looking for the right and simple way for my tests.

how can I inject a javascript code /html to a current page requested by a mac address for specific web page.

for example I want that only my android device will be infected by JavaScript code when it request a specific web page.

for example is mac address XXX requested cnn.com than pineapple will return it the cnn.com webpage plus the evil java script code.

the only seem to be related infusion is the split-n-inject but could not see how can I achieve that with it.

I want all the other ppl that using this wifi connection will not get infected and only my personal device will get the malicious cnn.com webpage.

thanks for you help!

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I don't think targeted attacks are available yet but a easy work around is have only your android be connected as a client and only visit your perfered webpage on that android device during test.

If you need help with strip and inject go to that thread under the infusion section found here : https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30673-support-strip-n-inject/#entry231008 .

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