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Extracting SAM


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Ok, so I am new to the ducky phenoma but tried it today (out of the box)

Found out that i had an old driver, so I updated it to version 2.1 with great success.

Anyways, I used the ducky toolkit for my first test and used the option to save directly to the usb.

I did export the inject.bin and placed it on the usb went to test i it on my Windows Ultimate 64 computer.

Seems to run perfect, windows are poping and text flying, however no "finished" message or indication that it is complete (not sure if it should)

However a green little light is however lit (red on flashing, so I take it that is normal)

So am I missing something here, did I do something wrong or even in a wrong order? Take it that if this scripted worked, I would have an extracted SAM file on the usb rubber ducy memory card right???

Please help if you have an idea/solution or experienced this your self



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What exactly did your payload do?

It sounds like it worked successfully as the Ducky was doing something. The point of most payloads is that they aren't obvious they have actually been run.

You might want to try writing a payload first, to have a play.

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Well I kinda was in the notion that this site provided script to be tested http://ducktoolkit-411.rhcloud.com/ScriptSelection.jsp

Purhaps I misunderstood.

Again, sees the script run normally, but it did not produce a result which in my mind count as a non working script.

Thats an opinion and I for one sure hope the fault is mine and not the script writer.

I did not investigate the script it self, it may be that it needs an additional USB connected to capture the SAM file, but then again why would it?

Anyway, must figure this out, and purhaps you are correct, purhaps I need to write a script on my own just to test.

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