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Would Like To Know If This Would Be Possible?

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Hey everyone!!!

well i was thinking about buying a USB Rubber Ducky But my parents wouldn't let me because they think ethical and not ethical hacking is the same thing.

So i started searching on how to make one but could not find anything on it. then I found this SD Card to usb adaptor in my house and also found a Micro Sd Card to

Sd Card adaptor and i was wondering if it was possible for me to make my own USB Rubber Ducky With this But I didnt know how so i thought to start a topic about this

and maybe someone could help me and tell me how to do it and turn it into a USB Rubber Ducky. This Is a Link to 4shared http://www.4shared.com/rar/cOM98XGuce/Images.html

were you can download a zip file which contains some images of all this adaptor so that you can look at it and maybe figure something out because i really need a USB Rubber Ducky

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Building your own could be a bit hard.
Have a look at the teensy board. There are several threads about it, and it could serve as a replacement for a USB rubber ducky.

and it doesn't "look illegal" since it's a programmable geek toy :)

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What I would do is simply ask my friend to order it for me, pay them (possibly with a bit of a larger tip) and I would be able to hack to my hearts content!

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