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i have a bunch of older smartphones a samsung moment is one im trying to figure out how to deploy payloads with cellphones as an alternitive to usb with a standard charger micro usb a samsung moment or android phone as the attack device like store the payloads on sd caed and embedd the payloads in pictures videos etc to me tranferd via email bluetooth post pictures to social media and when someone saves picture to device payload is executed and i am new to the community as well as payloads for remote controlling phones remote root ota over the air password grab cache copy dos ddos redirect to phishing page overclock and zip bomb and chain to make target phone distribute payload to gather network infomation on outher devices without knowing it with option to send new pay load to a device in chain and reports sent from all chain device to one deployer email and the idea is great but i need help to know how too do this as well as use my old samsung moment to inject payloads to computer or anything with a usb port includeing routers to exploit please help and any links or how too on third party deployment would be a great help

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