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USB Rubber Ducky Soild Red Light

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Email i sent

Hello thanks for reading i got usb rubber duck of you guys while ago i left it for whole. Be for this i used it a lot but i come back and it not it wont work there soild red i tryed

1. re flashing it was fine all passed
2. tried formatting of SD
3. cleaned it
i just don't know any more i cant test Ducky encoder i making
it did for bit go screen and do some thing but did not do right to the code so i put hello world on it and the same thing i don't know what to do know i live in uk so that going to be other £50 to buy new one if you can give me any info on how i could fix this i would love to try
it has dirty on it from my workshop may be dirt got in sd card holder i don't really know if you think i need new one i will try thanks
i may try putting it in 90% achool
i add this to forums so incase there busy as i need reply fast so i can get on my usb rubber ducky project if you guys can point me right way that would help a lot
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The micro-controller sounds fine. It sounds like dirt on the micro-sd slot.

Possible solutions:

1)Try to clean the the sd-card slot with something small

2) Try replacing the sdcard with an entirely different one (sometimes these small cards fail?)

3) very gently (there are delicate pins that may break if your too rough) with a wooden toothpick, try to gently probe out any dirt from the sd-card slot

4) club together with some mates and do a big hakshop purchase and replace the ducky

Warning... possibly harmful to your ducky...

5) desolder the sd-card slot & then clean and re-solder the card slot back on?

6) desolder the sd-card slot & replace with one from rd-online / digikey / farnell?

note: I bare no responsibility if you harm your ducky.

Best of Luck...

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ye i was about to buy new but no i going for WiFi Pineapple ye i look in SD card slot seen there dirty there some sort of white string is on one of the pins

i don't really want unsold er sd card slot as it cost me £60 to get it to UK so might go and pay some one to unsolder it

thanks i will see what there support says]


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