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Forgive the ignorance, but . . .


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The Pineapple is a brilliant way to get insight into people's surfing habits paving the way for more tailored attacks.

Therefore, which infusion if any keeps a log of which websites were visited by which client?

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Urlsnarf is OK, but provides too much information for my simplisitic purposes.I just want to see client surfing habits in a simple table like the nice, neat Karma Intelligence report. Here's an example of the sort of thing I'd like to see:


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I'd be very grateful if someone could shed some light on the urlsnarf command please:

cat '%%FILENAME%%' | awk {'print $1 $7'} | sed 's,http://, ,' | sed 's/.lan//' | sed 's%/.*$%%' | uniq

I was hoping to reduce the output down to just device name, top-level url and timestamp. I don't need browser info etc.

What line of code would produce that and is it possible to have this information formatted neatly into columns?


Answered my own questions:

  • To see output in neat columns, replace 'cat' with column -t.
  • To see just certain fields (such as timestamp,client and url) go the urlsnarf output tab and enter code such as 'awk {'print $4, $1, $7'}' then click refresh.

Perfect for my purposes.

PS Thanks to Mr-Protocol.

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