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How do you hack a cPanel Site?


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Guest spazi

Pentagon5, There is a fine line between what is legal and what is illegal.
It is legal to talk about vulnerabilities and exploits and report them, that's what white hackers do.

Most people on this forum do share info they know and some even write tools to exploit weaknesses.

that being said, going on a forum, asking people to hack a website or help you, without the permission from the company who owns the website is illegal and could mean prison time.

I'm also pretty sure that most of the hackers on this forum are professionals working under contracts, that means that they were hired to hack a website or a certain company, and they can do so legally.

Took me some time to understand that, and I have too posted dumb shit.

Just read up and get smart on what is legal and what is illegal :)

Read up on this:


There is also a book that's called "The Hacker Playbook" which I like a lot, the author also writes about the legal aspects of hacking.

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