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Backing up the Mk V


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Hi all

I have been playing with my Mk V, and I now have it working the way I want.

What I want to do now is create a back up so I can continue experimenting, soI can reinstalll my back up of the MkV

What would be the best option.

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I just used Secure copy over ssh - this is from your terminal.

scp -r root@ /home/user/Desktop/

that should copy pretty much every file and folder from the root directory of pineapple to your destination directory (*tip: make the destination before hand) - I beleive there are a few system folders that wont go over - but thats covered in the firmware re-flash.

to put back any folders or files use the alternative secure copy command.

scp -r /home/user/desktop/PA_bckup/<FolderName> root@

I actually did this to fix ettercap, as I found like 5 copys of etter.conf.. no wonder it wasnt working. :dry:

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