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Hey guys,

I'm messing around with Deauth. I've given up trying to make it run on the mkv. I think the requirement is a 3rd antenna otherwise, it simply won't work. :(

Anyway, since i don't have a 3rd antenna, I thought why not run a deauth with Kali or something like that?

So i got my netbook and tried:

aireplay-ng -0 100 -a 00:0F:66:XX:XX:XX mon0

And yes it does deauth BUT it doesn't deauth my windows pc's. (windows 7 & 8)

It does deauth my Android phone.

Therefore, my question is. Why can't it Deauth my Windows computers?



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have tried to run a directed deaut? using the syntax you posted you will send a deauth to the broadcast address (FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF). i'm not sure, but maybe windows doesent listen to that. run a directed deaut (option -c). that should do the trick. the syntax should look like this:

aireplay-ng -0 'number of deauth packages' -a 'access point bssid' -c 'victim machine bssid' 'interface'

also, a hundert packages is a bit of overkill, if you simply want to deauth and not continously disrupt the network, five to ten packages should do the trick

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thank you!! it actually worked. It Knocked out my netbook so bad that i had to reboot it. HOLY COW! Looked like a Mike Tyson attack on my poor old netbook.

Question, is it possible to deauth 2 victim machines at a time?

Also, have you had any luck with the Deauth infusion?

cheers and many thanks!!

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i havent played with my pineapple in a longer time, so i havent tried it. i'm actually waiting to get an infusion that works like besside-ng.

you can deauth two victims at once, just run two instances of aireplay-ng. if you want to deauth two victims that are not connected to the same access point (ie are not on the same channel) i recomend you use two seperate wifi-cards. but as long both victims are on the same channel, you dont even need two cards.

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