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WEP Cracking Infusion


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Any chance one of you Infusion makers could make us a WEP Cracking Infusion?

I see alot of networks around me still using WEP so would be cool to have that option aswell.

I don't really like to have to SSH into the pineapple and run all the commands takes way to long when your using a virtual board on a tablet.

Time is everything too when your only going to be in the area for a short time always nice to have a point click!

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You could try wifite, thesugarat did say he was able to crack wep with it on the mark v.

I have tried on one of my neutered pineapples, but it seems to crash it, making it reboot.

It could be just that pineapple though.

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Yeah i was aware of the python script but as i said don't really wanna have to ssh into the pineapple would be nice if we had the Infusion to do it for us. I currently already have wifite installed on the KaliPwn for my Nexus 7

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