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How do I copy files to the micro SD card?

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This is an incredibly basic question.

How do I copy .bin files to the micro SD card? My understanding is that I copy the .bin to the SD card then insert the SD card into the rubber ducky.

I cannot insert the SD card directly into my laptop as there is no port for mini SD cards. I thought that an adapter came with the ducky?

Also, what does the image #4 here https://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/usb-rubber-ducky/products/usb-rubber-ducky-delux show? It is the photo where the ducky is placed into the larger black object. Is this the adapter? If so, how is it supposed to work?

If I put the SD card into the ducky then put it in the USB port, the light flashes green and the introductory next scrolls across the screen. That part clearly works.


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The larger black object in the image is a USB type B to mini USB adapter for using the Ducky with the several different phones that accept keyboard input via USB.

To modify the contents of the micro SD card, use the microSD card adapter included in the Deluxe package, it's the small usb device that has it's own small case. Just insert the card into it and plug it into your laptop - it'll appear as regular usb device and you can just copy the files over.

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It works on my computer, but I am always logged in as admin. That is primarily the account that a duck attack aims to compromise. If you have users with different permission levels you can prevent ducky's from being effective. I think I have one of the home editions of Windows 7.

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