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IPV6-Karma-SSLSTRIP-Jammer-Trying To Remain Anonymous


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A 3 observations and perhapes the community can chime in:


First Observation:

I have the Mark V , I reflashed it, updated and refreshed all. Everything is current as of April 17th.

I wanted to test out Chris H video on using Karma and SLLSTRIP to see if any data would be shown. Before I updated, I was getting NADA or very little.

I would use my cell phone to connect to the rouge AP I setup as XYZ to surf etc..

I setup Network Client to my WIFI router and connected

SetSSLSTRIP for 1 sec update and put it on

Setup Karma AP as XYZ as the AP AND I experimented with Blacklisting BOTH my Etho and wireless MAC addresses, one at a time, then both I got no info from SSL. I then made the blacklist with no MAC in it and then I finally got data form my phone surf--I went to yahoo not HTTPS--did a login to yahoo mail, but did not see the login or password???????????


Second Observation

I am not sure on how Karma,SSLSTRIP and Jammer should be setup, but I tried it and was not having luck with the configuration, using the above, no MAC blacklisted in Karma ( Or should karma be off????)

Below is the Jammer----WHAT selection should be selected if I am using my laptop with the eth cable plugged into the laptop and other end to Pineapple, Client is connected to WIFI and SSLSTRIP is runing---what am I missing???????

WHAT should WLAN Interface selection be? WLAN1 or WLAN0 ??

WHAT Monitor Interface Should be Selected? MON0,1,2,3 ????

WHATS is the MDK3 Mode selection?? white or black???

WLAN interface WLAN1, WLAN0 | Start - Stop [Auto] | Start Monitor
Monitor interface MON0, MON1 ,MON2,MON3, | Stop Monitor

WiFi Jammer enabled | Stop
Autostart disabled | Enable

MDK3 installed



Number of deauths to send

(Leave empty for default. 0 means send them continuously)

Sleeping time in seconds

(Leave empty for default)




(whitelist | blacklist)


Third Observation Networks now upgrading to IPV6--Goodby Anon

I have used Proxy.sh from time to time as a educational research tool /VPN. I used tp type in "whats my IP address" when using the VPN to check my IP, it would always show the node connection wherever I selected. BUT recently when I type that command into google, it automatically shows the IPV6 identification number WTF-----even if I use Proxy.sh and try to make the IPV6 disconnected it still shows it WTF... Can we postulate that remaining anonymous, ( not that we ever could be totally unless we owned the network, even then its questionable, but wont this IPV6 stuff now make it even easier for those using the pineapple to be known? Perhaps I am off on this but please feel free to advise. I know we can hide MAC but what about IPV 6??

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On the IPV6--it was the auto connect in network settings plus my network supports it. I run Ubuntu, so you need to go into network and make the IPV6 local link or find a way to disable it, then it will revert back to IPV4. IPV6, posese security issues on leaking info , so will need to manage this if you want to rmain anon or use a service that have softwear to sheild / disbale IPV6.

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