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  1. I still would like some feed back on these two oberservations if warrented
  2. On the IPV6--it was the auto connect in network settings plus my network supports it. I run Ubuntu, so you need to go into network and make the IPV6 local link or find a way to disable it, then it will revert back to IPV4. IPV6, posese security issues on leaking info , so will need to manage this if you want to rmain anon or use a service that have softwear to sheild / disbale IPV6.
  3. A 3 observations and perhapes the community can chime in: ----------------------------- First Observation: I have the Mark V , I reflashed it, updated and refreshed all. Everything is current as of April 17th. I wanted to test out Chris H video on using Karma and SLLSTRIP to see if any data would be shown. Before I updated, I was getting NADA or very little. I would use my cell phone to connect to the rouge AP I setup as XYZ to surf etc.. I setup Network Client to my WIFI router and connected SetSSLSTRIP for 1 sec update and put it on Setup Karma AP as XYZ as the AP AND I experiment
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