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MDK3 Attacks


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Hi all,

I recently got a hold of an AWUS036H WiFi adapter to fiddle with. First thing. Do I need to install any drivers on Kali in order to use it for Deauthing?

2nd question, I have been trying to run MDK3 attacks all night. I am using mdk3 mon0 d -b blacklist -c X to initate the attack.

All I get is "Periodically re-reading blacklist/white list every 3 seconds" but not packets being sent. Seems like the attack never started...

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

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1) You should be able to just plug it in and go.

2) Try to down the main card (ex. wlan1), use airmon-ng to start monitor mode, then use the mon0 without doing ifconfig up on your wlan*.

Thanks for your reply. I have my card in monitor mode on mon0. It says the main card is on wlan0.

By 'down the main card' do you mean turning off this interface? Would I do so by airmon-ng down wlan0?

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Your suggestion worked for the first attack I tried on my network. Although I cant get it to work again.

So i tried using airdrop-ng as an alternative. I managed to get it to start but it is quoting 'Sent 0 packets every 5 seconds' would you have any idea why its sending 0 packets and not more?

Any advice is greatly appreshiated!

Edit: I manged to get mdk3 working. Only if I target a specific MAC address though e.g. mdk3 mono d MAC -c 1,2,3

Not sure why this is exactly... If I use a blacklist/white list file the attack never starts.

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