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EBay covered up with "infection".


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Been looking for another Netbook or a Tablet on EBay and after hanging out there last night I ran ClamTK and found 66 "infected" web pages in my cache. I cleaned everything up then just to test it I went back this a.m. for a little while and sure enough ended up with 10 more. I cleaned them up and did some more surfing on Facebook, Linux Forums, Google+ and here and only found 1 afterwards.

This is telling me that there's something going on with EBay and that if I'd not been running a Linux based OS I'd probably have been in really deep doodoo. So, does anyone know exactly what's going on with EBay, what is this "infected" web page stuff? Thanks.

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What does ClamTK say about the pages? Does it tell you what the infection is? Most will give you a link to a full description of what it has found and why it thinks it is bad.

My guess would be it is tracking cookies that it has found and there is nothing to worry about.

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