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Tcpdump on lan port


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Just a quick question

Can I run tcpdump on the lan port and direct the output file to the sd card with the standard pinapple set up easily, or will it require an infusion to do.

I want to run the wlan as access to another wireless AP acting as the gateway

Still working out my option for a kind of monkey like project, but 2nd Ap will run 3g usb stick for internet connection to allow long distance monitoring that is seperate from the pineapple.

the 2nd Ap is a d link shareport portable router, with usb stick, 3g management that is battery powered, planning to hook up a solar charger to charge the battery.....(hide it in a garden gnome)

this is to provide hidden access, only connecting on a set time to retrive the log file from the sd card, and will be silent for the rest of the time.

Still working out the concept...

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