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New User - Collect Probe Requests


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I've been working and researching tools to accomplish my task for several weeks. Last week it landed me on the pineapple. According to what i read this device does what I need. Now that i have it i'm trying to figure out how to make it do it.

Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

I would like to know what wifi devices are sending out probe requests around me. Ideally I would like to know the SSID requested, MAC address of the device, signal strength and date time stamp. My question is how is that best accomplished with the device.

Here's what I've tried. I've got my device and have updated it the newest firmware release 1.1. I have found Karma and learned about it. It seems to do a lot of what I want sans signal strength and time date stamp. Would it be best to adapt (or is it possible) karma to output this additional information or is there an infusion out there that already has something more inline with what I want?

I've learned that Karma will attempt to create a matching SSID for MITM attacks. I wonder if that ability could be used to go beyond the mac address and create a connection long enough to acquire a host-name. That would take user 01:03:XX:XX:XX:XX and make it "Jim's Iphone" which would be very much desirable in my project.

I know the device is built as a platform and customization but the versatility is making it difficult for me to decipher the best path for my project.

I'll take any advice or even just the name of an infusion that might get me on the right path. I'm not asking to be handed a solution just some assistance getting on the right path.


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I don't know that there is anything specifically geared towards what you are trying to do. Site Survey will tell you the Access Points in the area but it doesn't do exactly what you're looking for with all probe requests. You may want to check out Kali Linux and Kismet....

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