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Pineapple Mark V and Mac OS X Mavericks ICS :: Successful ;)


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hi guys,

i've read a lot of posts here about people having difficulty to set up their pineapple and MacOsX Mavericks ICS...

Here's the setup i did successfully...

Ipad wifi --- > wlan0 --> eth0 ---> MacOs en0 --> en1 --> router --> Internet

I can sniff the trafic with Wireshark on my macOsX from en0 (or en1) :)

That was the important part for me.

First first first, i assume a fresh pineapple Mark V.

Boot it.

On your Mac, set a static address on your en0(ethernet). with a netmask of

Connect your macbook to your home wifi too.

Plug the network cable to your ethernet port on your macbook.

Now, connect to

In the Network Tile, configure your client mode with your home wifi info.

Note the IP address you got. In my case, my pineapple got

Try it:

Now that your Pineapple has internet access, install the Wifi Manager Infusion.

In Wifi Manager, configure your ICS. From wlan0 to eth0.

This is forwarding everything from wlan0 to eth0 that is connected to your macbook.

Now, get back to your macbook settings. Turn on your Internet Sharing. (from wifi to ethernet)

Try to connect another device(ipad for example) to your pineapple wifi network.

If you haven't changed it, it will be called Pineapple_something.

Now... i've seen two different things occurring.

1) DHCP request is replied by pineapple, you got a 172.16.42.x address.

2) DHCP request is replied by macosx, you got a 192.168.2.x address.

I noticed case 1 is bad! Internet is not working... route trouble i believe... Wireshark on en0 on macosx don't see anything...

What you want is case 2.

To force case 2, you have to stop dnsmasq service on pineapple... or just kill it... DHCP will not be offered by pineapple anymore...

Once your device got a 192.168.2.x address, internet sharing will work...

Visit any website from it and monitor your wireshark to confirm it.

That's it... That setup works great for me... I hope it will help set yours :)

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Glad this config works for what you need to do but overall I can't recommend it. There are several issues with this method that I'm pretty sure will cause problems with other infusions. But let us know how your testing goes.

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Do you recommend a setup like ?

wlan0 --> wlan1 --> Router --> internet

The ICS configuration on the Pineapple would be wlan0 to wlan1.

To manage the pineapple, we would use the wlan1 IP or the

A static IP is set on en0 on the macbook in the 172.16.42.x.

But I like the wireshark use on en0, it's convenient and fast...

With the setup wlan0 --> wlan1, i'll be forced to tcpdump in a file on the pineapple and analyze it later in wireshark. I could probably set something like a tcpdump in a file(netcat or socat) and read it live from wireshark on the macbook.

What could be the trouble you are talking about with infusions ? Is my dhcp client range could be one? or the ICS configuration on the pineapple that goes to eth0 instead of wlan1 ?

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Finally, i did a setup like wlan0 -> wlan1 which seems more recommended...

I've also been able to get my wireshark on my macbook showing the trafic.

We need a fifo on the macbook...

ssh root@ tcpdump -ni wlan1 -U -vv -w - > bitch

bitch is the fifo...

I had to create a ssh pub key for authentication because the output to a fifo was causing trouble with the ssh client...

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