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I feel like a total newb!


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So I just recieved my MK5 in the mail today and flashed it and did the whole ./wp5.sh and downloaded some infusions, but have idea what to do next. I want to set it up as a honey pot, with karma and jasegar.. deauth/yesman my own network devices since I have 2 modems and wireless routers being a hard gamer and torrent freak but have no clue what to do next... now I'm not a total newb but I feel like one I have manually completed MITM attacks before with the whole (echo 1 >> /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward) and what not. But as what to do next I'm stumped there is no "jasager" to download at the pinapple bar and also when I downloaded ettercap and let it finish it says "not installed" on the main screen, I removed it and reinstalled it with no success... Is there a How-to thread on how to setup a honey pot because I searched and found nothing, or can someone walk me throught it? I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks all.


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Not sure what "pop" your passwords really means... but you can use sslstrip to get credentials. Or build some fishing pages and use dnsspoof. Ohh and you do not need to download/install jasegar. It is built into the pineapple firmware. Just go to the Karma tab and play with it. Deauthing is a whole different story but you can use the WiFi Jammer infusion for that.

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