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Pulling in a lot of stuff in the 26-27MHz range.

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Since I got the new speaker wire antenna hooked up I'm pulling a lot of talk in from the 26-27MHz range. Sounds like maybe CB or who knows. One guy was saying something about being in the Bijou, maybe LA?? If so then I'm picking up stuff pretty far away since I'm in TN and the Louisianan bijou is way South of me. Anyway, just an inexpensive speaker wire antenna has made a lot of difference.


Just looked it up and yep, it's Citizens Band, 27MHz. Must be getting some Skip from these places. Also heard some Spanish talking too, Mexico or maybe Texas?

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Yes, That be CB Radio!

Normally uses AM, Upper Sideband (USB) Lower Sideband (LSB), there should be approx. 40 channels in that space.

LOL and there use to be only 23, I was all caught up in the CB craze back in the late 70's although I got out of it as the fad died off. Funny that it only really came in well under Wide FM. I'll have to check it out somemore later today.

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Here in the UK only FM is legal and 40 of our channels were offset from your 'blocks' , however 33 years after it became legal we are now licence free and on the verge of being allowed AM modes (AM/SSB/DSB). The SSB modes could be 12W thus allowing a licence free station on 11M more power than a licenced station (albeit a novice licence) on 10M. As CB is mainly unused now here , it allows for a bit of licence free experimenting....

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