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copy ducky files to c:\


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Hi I'm trying to make/find a payload using twin duck firmware or any firmware.

I need to copy files from ducky sd card to c:\ I tried to edit the copy files to desktop payload. But I get two problems the original payload wants user input for running diskpart. This needs to be done with no user interaction. I also may not have a password for admin unless its a default password or no password. The target computer is a none networked XP or custom windows PC. I need to overwrite a preinstalled program with updated files thanks in advance.

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Hmm. If you are using a command prompt, then I would recommend just storing the files in the path variable %USERPROFILE%. You can even change directories to this as well by


With regards to the other problems, try doing this first. Often you won't be able to do a lot of ducky things without finding a way to invoke UAC Privileges.

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