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Battery packs


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This sounds a little noobish but I am a noob to the pineapple so that's ok :).. I ordered a anker battery pack to go with my pineapple and also a cord both off amazon. the cord seems to be to long? its the right size barrels and placing the actual power that came with it next to the one I ordered there is a little length difference. Can someone who ordered on that works put a link up to one that will work im really trying to get this thing portable for more fun

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The hak5 store have battery packs and cables. i purchased mine from there, i think the cable length is about 30cm/1foot. it works well, i just cable tied the battery to the pineapple and looped the cable inbetween the battery and cable ties. its very tidy setup.

is this what you mean, i had trouble understanding your question above.

Good Luck!

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