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Error when purchasing rubber ducky


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I'm trying to purchase the usb rubber ducky through Paypal, but on step 2 it's throwing this error


You can see it up at the top there. Thought this was a setting I could edit but it seems to be on the apps side.

I'm based in Ireland and don't see any reason why payments would be blocked?

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1) What country are you in?

2) Do you have script blocking or ad blocking enabled in your browser?

No offence but from an administrator I was expecting a more intelligent answer. I already said what country I was from and blocking scripts shouldn't have an effect on the Paypal API and definitely wouldn't throw an error like that.

I figured out the problem, which I keep forgetting. I accidentally clicked Israel instead of Ireland when signing up on Paypal a while ago and never needed to change it up until now.

Sorry if I'm coming across as I dick, you can close this now if you'd like. I've emailed Paypal to change my country.

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