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Can't enter DFU mode

Go to solution Solved by no42,

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If your on windows you are missing the driver, unzip the Duck_Programming.zip

Goto Device manager, look for a usbdevice with a yellow circle and a bang, update driver, point the wizard to the inf file within the extracted folder from Duck_Programming.zip.

If in doubt, read the ducky guide in my signature.

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Thanks so much =3

I'll read the guide from end to end x3

Bought the duck to support the show, not really gonna do anything much with it

as i'm not a computer genius but i'd love to make a fix the printer script for my mom so i can just give her

the duck and say before calling me put that in your pc x3

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Ok last question and i think the not so tech savy me is at the finish line =D

This part is either not working for me or i type something wrong:


Running Program.bat to Re-flash Ducky

  • open dos cmd prompt
  • in cmd prompt type in cd C:\Program Files\Atmel\Flip 3.4.2\bin
  • in the same cmd prompt type in

program.bat YourNewFirmware.hex


I'm not 100% sure what to type in cmd i know tho, that all the way to the \bin is pointing to the

right folder.

But should my bat and hex fine be in the same folder or?

Thanks in advance =D (And just knock me over the head if you need more info and i'll do my best)

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ok so have you installed flip (from the Duck_Programming.zip) it should reside in either c:\program files or c:\program files (x86) (if your on 64bit windows)

browse to the directory in explorer and via cmd.

using explorer copy (drag n drop) program.bat from the Duck_Programming.zip and the hex file you want to flash into the same folder (example: c:\program files\flip.3.4.2\bin)

then in the cmd prompt window enter:

program.bat ??????.hex (where ????.hex is the firmware file your trying to flash)

hopefully this will work :)

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