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Bad Mark V?


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I am having some issues with my mark v.

1. Opened the box and the power adapter is dead. Now using a 12v power supply from an old router.

2. Setup was stuck in new password loop. After hitting save password it would wait a few seconds to reboot but go straight into continue

again and ask me for the new password. flipped the dip switches to reset defaults and that took care of that.

3. Downloaded a few infusions and the 2gb sd card no longer works. Tried to reformat with no luck. get unable to format.

4. Formatted a 1gb sd that I had laying around. Formatted the first try. Install it in the mark v and it did not recognize it. So used the

mark v format tool. Formatted without any problem. Still didn't recognize.

5. Re-Flashed firmware. Now stuck back on # 2.

I would like to know how to fix this. I hope this is not how its supposed to work.

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1) Contact shop@hak5.org for the power supply following the instructions http://hakshop.myshopify.com/pages/refund-and-return-policy and also let them know all the information on the power adapter. Model, Serial Number, etc.

2) Make sure you do not have any script blocking add-ons with your browser. Side note: Internet Explorer is not supported.

3) Try it in a computer, not the pineapple if you haven't done so already.

4) How were you formatting it? What file system?

5) What firmware version are you on? Did you updated to the latest stable release?

Side note: The crew is currently at ShmooCon so responses may be delayed.

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I have reset and re flashed successfully. Still does not recognize a sd card is inserted.

I have contacted the hak5 shop and did receive an email saying they were at ShmooCon.

I have tried to use firefox, chrome and IE with the same results.

I have formatted the sd card in FAT and EXT both with the same resault. The origanal sd card does not work at all and the 1gig that I have reads fine in my computers.

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