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How detectable is the rubber Ducky


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Hi I am kinda new to the rubber ducky and hacking in general but I was just wondering if I plug the rubber ducky into a computer with norton av and ids world it be detected? I know there are many kinds of attacks like power shell and other is there any 1 that is more undetectable from av firewalls and ids's or anyway to make it near undetected like I hear fuds or crypters are. Thanks again sorry for the noob question.

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The thing about the duck is that it is acting as a USB Keyboard, so it is very hard for antivirus programs to detect. The thing that may make it not work is that the driver that is downloaded for the Ducky to work reads "HID - Human Interface Device". Aside from that, some keyboards come up with this, and they are not detected by any antivirus software. If you are trying to do miscellaneous things with the ducky, then certain antivirus programs may pick up the activity. The best thing to do is to start up a command prompt and disable the service or live monitoring processes of the antivirus program. For Microsoft Security Essentials, it is as simple as:

"taskkill /f /im msseces.exe /t"

For some other programs, it may be a matter of deleting a registry entry to stop it on startup. It is a good thing to watch out for when installing RATS and more.

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