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Cannot add SSID to blacklist


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I have tried firstly adding using the GUI and entering my main router's SSID into the Karma config tab and then I did from the command line via Putty by typing "hostapd_cli karma_add_ssid XXX" where XXX is the SSID.

What I am hoping to do is to stop the SSID 'XXX' being re-broadcast by Karma.

Is this what this command is meant to do ?

If so what am I doing wrong or is this a bug ..

Thanks in advance.

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Found this: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/27791-blacklistwhitelist-question/

It appears that the blacklist is for the AP that you do not want karma to replicate.

Yes understood - that post is mainly talking about MAC addresses and I can blacklist any MAC sucessfully and stop it accessing the Pineapple but I cannot stop it re-broadcasting any particular SSID, that was really what I was asking thanks.

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I am having the same issue I believe. I put in the mac of my router's wlan address but its still broadcasts under the blacklist.

Does the blacklist get stored some where?

I guess I could probably look for a karma folder..

MAC addresses are only strored in RAM at the moment. I can sucessfully get a MAC to be blacklisted just not a SSID. If you open up a SSH shell once booted and run 'hostapd_cli -h' to see the available options. From there you can run the command

hostapd_cli karma_add_black_mac XX:XX:XX:XX:XX and that will add the MAC address to the blacklist and stop it connecting to the SSID.

I cannot use the commad sucessfully to block SSID's from broadcasting:

hostapd_cli karma_add_ssid SSID_NAME

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