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[BUG][Encoder] Alt Tab does not work

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I wish to switch between running applications with the ALT-TAB key combos. Sadly the code will often result in typing a "t". I also tried to do a three key combo that is: CTRL-ALT TAB in order to gain a persistent app switcher. This resulted in a "c". I have tried in both the Ducky-Decode encoder.jar 2.6 as well as 1.2 of the duck encoder to no avail.

I apologize if this is a repetitive topic. I was able to find one from the early days of the duck HERE and the thread seemed to shift to using a Teensy board and never seemed to actually answer the prompt.

Thank you for pondering my conundrum.

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This is achievable on the manual firmware Hard-Code .

Looking at the Encoder source, this combo has not been implemented.

You can either implement this feature yourself and send me the patch, or patiently wait....

when I have the time I'll look into it and implement it.

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