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My best and worst of last year.


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These things I did some are normal and some are way out there. Including things I learned. The xpocalypse is coming in April. RIP windows xp. I cant wait for 802.11 ac super fast wifi faster than 802.11 n. It also is not in the 2.4 ghz range but 5ghz.

Trying to get people to follow the ms crap file structure my documents etc is a pain. If they do it makes backup and migration super easy. Just copy those folders to a flash drive and copy them to the new pc. Making a network attached storage box seems like a good idea.

Audacity and sooper looper are awesome. I mean you can record from anything including things like Youtube. Sooper looper creates loops there is some great music and audio apps for various Linux distros.

The infamous pineapple drop on new years eve where I work. Not the pineapple you are thinking of. No computer or beer pump problems. Or c02 line problems. Only plumbing problems which does not belong on this site The disorderly drunks were at a minimum. It is cool they drop a huge pineapple.

Now for some of the worst Fios setup. The Actiontec is a pain to work with. I am going to take the Ethernet cable from the ont and go directly into a switch. Use the routers I had setup before. A cisco catalyst 2960 will do some layer 3 if it has the lanbase os12.2.55se os. But static routes only. Can setup dhcp on them. There is also a cisco business series switch that will do layer 3 switching. I will check this one out. Switches should be faster than routers. I learned I need a direct in box (di box) to match inputs so I can plug a guitar or what ever into my pc.

That seems to be about it.

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