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sliverlight exploit


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Does anyone know of a video showing the exploitation of a box using the sliverlight exploit CVE-2013-0074 and CVE-2013-3896?

I am concerned that we have a bunch of machines with silverlight versions that fit the profile but without being able to show the danger, it will be hard to convince the department to force upgrade the boxes.

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Yeah I set that up and loaded Silverlight 5.0.61118 on a windows 7 x86 box, then set the Metasploit option to 0 (attack the x86 box) and executed "exploit".
I then went to the link Metasploit said it was listening on, but I only got an error on the Metasploit server about the client method every time I tried it. So I thought I was doing something wrong. I was curious if anyone had posted a video or had successfully exploited a box with the .rb file loaded into Metasploit.

Thank for the reply


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