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hooking up juice in tandem/parallel?


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I'm in the brianstorm/draft stage of a project i'm working on and i'd like to have this include two 12800 pineapple juices (maybe three). for this to have a clean install i'd like to have both the connectors used to connect to the wall charger actually hooked together into an adapter that then can be plugged in to charge both at the same time. This in turn leaves both batteries open to charge/run two separate devices, in my case the MKV and Pi.

My main question is "is this possible" secondly any drawbacks such as will this cause the batteries to lose voltage out to the devices due to trying to charge each other at the same time or a significant loss in usable charge because of that, thirdly anything else you'd like to say positive, negative or critically about this before i try and manage it?

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