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Selecting the desktop?


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Might be a silly question, but does anyone know how to select the desktop itself by using the keyboard?

Belive I've tried almost everything, ofc the GUI D shows it, but it does not select it, say if u've opened a desktop icon first on window then hit GUI D and then MENU it'll show the menu for that selected icon. I'd like a way to show the desktop menu, is this possible using only the keyboard in this scenario?

Thanks for any answers, dunno if this little problem deserves a whole thread but didn't find anywhere else suited to post it :)

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Maybe there is an alternate way of launching whatever command you want to use?

Might be, I'm tryin' to access the MENU on the tesktop (mouse rightclick). Guess I haven't exhausted every option yet so I'll keep tryin' to find a way.

if you could somehow include the numeric pad in the duck script

How would the numeric pad help me exactly?

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Yeah found it now, thanks! However I can't find a good reliable way to enable it, even if u could use the numpad so back to start.

On the other hand I found out if you DELETE the selected item, if there is one the desktop is automatically selected afterwards.

Then u can do what you want, return and CTRL Z the item back from the bin. Kinda bad if the item's too big for the bin thou, but most people don't leave huge files on their desktop.

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Perhaps if you selected something that is on the desktop that you know is a shortcut, and delete that, example:

STRING internet explorer

Would have to use a shortcut that is pretty common to the desktop though. Does anybody know what windows automatically puts on the desktop on a virgin install?

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