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SSLSTRIP almost there!


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As far as I know hotmail.com and www.hotmail.com don't even exist, it should redirect to login.live.com for both, and I think Microsoft uses HSTS or some other implementation there of, which will redirect all http traffic, back over to https/ssl/tls. The only way it should work is if someone uses IE7 or older I think, since the browsers also help to enforce HSTS I think, but don't quote me on that.

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weird because it works with google chrome, also with firefox (unless he types then autocomplete)

when the target google for "facebook" then click on the link, it won't work too because it brings us https://pt-br.facebook.com/ .

when the target google for "hotmail", "gmail", "ymail", etc then click on the link.. its working because they bring us mail.live.com/, mail.google.com/ and mail.yahoo.com/

without https before.

I was wondering if I can redirect them to www.facebook.com.. sure it'd work but i didnt get how to do this yet.. As I said, tried with dnsspoof but unsuccessful. Dont know if it would be urlspoof, still trying

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